Rolling With The Punches – Change is Coming…

So it’s been a rough week in our house.  A “one step forward, two steps back” kind of week.  Poor Jace is still home healing after a rough week with hand, foot and mouth disease.  He’s cranky and uncomfortable, and the heat is certainly not helping him.  Our work/life juggling act isn’t working too well.  The house is a mess, the laundry pile is so big we’re going to have to give it a name, and we’re overwhelmed with all the projects that need our attention.  To add to this, my mother sprained her ankle on our steps (still waiting to see if she’s going to sue…)  And our family trip to PEI that we’ve been looking forward to this weekend has turned into a quick weekend getaway just for Griff, Rex and I, while Ken spends his birthday at home with spotty Jace, and (gasp!) no birthday cake.

On top of all this, we’ve been spread thin in other ways.  We’re feeling the pinch of summer.  We’re way too busy.  We’re tired of the heat, tired of busy schedules and tired of being tired.  Sound familiar?

So, we adapt.  Plans change, and we roll with the punches.  We’ll celebrate Ken’s birthday next week.  Mom’s ankle will get better, and Jace will get better too.  The house will get cleaned and the laundry will be done.  Projects can wait.  School will start.  The leaves will change and snow will come.  Change is good.  September is coming, and for me, that means regular schedules (yay!) and relief from hot, sticky summer.  This year, September also means big changes.

Big changes??  Yup.  Like rainbows and unicorns are waiting just around the corner type changes.  It’s no secret, just look a little closer and you’ll figure it out…

While I wait for the little black cloud above our house to dissipate, I am comforted by the idea that the funk we’re in will soon be a distant memory.  I’ve got a lot to look forward to very soon.  We all do, don’t we?

Some of the small things I’m looking forward to this fall?  school starting, holidays, cool breezes, craft shows, comfort food, skating lessons, studio sessions, cozy blankets, early bedtimes, apple picking, and putting away the lawn mower.

Seasons are a beautiful thing, aren’t they?  It’s a blessing to live in this part of the world.  Just when you get sick of one season, there are three more right around the corner.  We get to experience the sand and the snow, blooming buds and falling leaves.  We get to swim in our ocean and skate on our lakes.  Our kids grow up learning how to build sandcastles and snowmen.  Lucky kids 🙂

Black clouds are inevitable.  Do you ever see them out there above your head?  Some stay for a little while and some stay for a long while.  But it can’t rain all the time, right?  Life is crazy, and it’s too busy.  We need to simplify; we need change.  For now, I’m just going to put up my umbrella, flip that cloud my middle finger and keep on walking until I reach the sunshine.  If I squint really hard, I can almost see it…. and it looks pretty good 🙂

What happy things are you looking forward to right now?  


9 thoughts on “Rolling With The Punches – Change is Coming…

  1. Well said, and so inspirational! I am currently flipping off my little black cloud, and feeling better about it……..seasons change 🙂 Thanks Lyndsay!

  2. As I read this I feel like I am reading about our family. It’s been the same here. I absolutely love summer but being pregnant THIS summer hasn’t been fun. I too, look forward to the fall, changes and the pile of projects to either get done or be forgotten about for a little while longer.
    PS – we’d be up for an apple picking date if you come to the valley to pick 🙂

  3. Do yourself a favor and pay someone to come clean your will be the best money you ever spent! lol..other than that, just keep on keepin on there girl. It is all we can do when life dumps on us. You and Ken are amazing parents – together you will defeat the house and the illness 🙂 What else can you do but laugh…..

  4. Love it Lyns!! Sounds exactly like our last couple of weeks at our home. Except it was me sick, which I think is way easier to deal with than a poor little one. But like you, the clouds will soon part too and the day will get better. So glad to hear that you look on the bright side, even if you have to show the middle finger first! 😉 Thank you for the smile today!

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