Perfecting the Photo Bomb, by Mr. Griffin

He does it like no other 🙂  Here are the steps you must follow for a successful photo bomb.

Step one: sneak in down low…

Step two: test the waters with a popsicle…see if she notices

Step three:  wave the popsicle around.  She’s not too bright, is she?

Step four: slooooowly move your head into the frame…

Step five: commit to it…jump right in front!

Step six: BOOM!  You’re done!  Now laugh and run away.

This kid’s a pro.

PS.  Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to our little Jacer who had a pretty rough week last week.  Our poor little guy was SO sick and cranky, but is doing so much better now.  He is back to his normal, spirited self…climbing furniture, terrorizing pets and sticking food to the windows.  We’re still trying to wean him off the popsicle diet though (it’s pretty hard!)

And a super big special thanks to a couple of elves who came down from Truro to actually clean our HOUSE…and make us DINNER…and leave A CAKE for Ken’s birthday on Friday!  Wow.  It meant a lot to us and gave us the boost that we needed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂


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