Photo Shoot or Wrestling Match??

It was Ken’s mother’s birthday this past weekend, so we decided to have a quick photo shoot in the studio last week with Ken, his brother and the boys, so we could send along some new pics to her.

Surprisingly (yeah right, I know…), things were more silly than serious, but we got some great pics of all the boys together, which is a rare occurrence (getting together, not getting great pics of them, they’re all pretty cute)

Here’s a few pics from our session (straight out of camera, unedited – don’t judge):

We can’t get him out of camo clothes these days…possibly warming up for his “army” birthday party coming up soon?

We couldn’t keep Jace out of this crate…

…and Griff loved this pose.  You probably saw one kind of like it here.

After that, well, everyone stated to go down hill.  It wasn’t long before our photo shoot turned into a wrestling match.  I don’t get it.

It’s amazing how much easier it is to work with other people’s children.  My own perplex me.  This is me, not knowing what to do with them.  Ken had hijacked my camera, Jace was head-butting me and laughing hysterically, and Griff and Dwayne were off play-fighting and talking about army stuff.

A peek into my world 🙂

Happy Birthday Adele, hope you liked your photos!!


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