I’ll Write More When I Stop Hyperventilating

AKA: The first day of school.

It was a double whammy for us this morning – Griffin’s 5th birthday AND the first day of school.  Needless to say, he was excited when he woke up this morning!

We were excited too, although it was tough to let him go.  Ken was a little sad when he left for work this morning, but so, so proud of his little bestie.

Griff was so anxious to get on that big yellow bus, that he was ready about 45 minutes before it was time to go – first time ever from the kid who would never leave the house if he didn’t have to 🙂

Me?  I was excited for him, but worried about the things that Mamas worry about when their littles start school – would he be able to figure out which snack was for recess?  Would he have enough time to finish his lunch?  What if he was too shy to tell his teacher he needed to go to the bathroom?  What if he couldn’t find a seat on the bus?  Oh, my head hurt this morning.  But this boy, he was confident.

Nana came over to walk with us this morning so I could take pictures.  As IF Nana would miss the first day of school 🙂  And, conveniently, Grampie just happened to be driving in the area at about the same time the bus was scheduled to come.  Weird 🙂

We walked up the road in the pouring rain to our bus stop and waited for what seemed like forever for that bus to come around the corner.  But you should have seen his face when he saw his bus pull up.  I think he’s been dreaming about this day since he could dream.

It gets a little fuzzy after that.  All I know is that our boy hopped up onto that bus (with some help from Grampie because his little legs couldn’t reach the first step) and he didn’t look back.  Not a glance, not a wave.  All I saw was a little birthday boy about to face the world.  He walked away from his Mama, smiling, proud and happy, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’m so excited and filled with love and hope for my Griffy, my heart feels like it’s going to explode.  As I write this, I’m remembering his first steps, his first words, his first day at pre-school.  This is another milestone, another ‘first’ in a list that will never end and I fill with pride when I think about the ‘firsts’ that are still to come.

So as I sit here, typing, I find myself watching the clock, anxious for the school bus to come back so I can hug my boy and listen to him tell me all about his first day of ‘big school.’  I expect him to be speaking so fast with excitement that I will wonder what language he’s speaking.  And his speech will surely end with “where’s my birthday cake?”

So, Happy First Day of School and Happy Birthday to my biggest boy.  I wish you a lifetime of success and accomplishments.




14 thoughts on “I’ll Write More When I Stop Hyperventilating

      • Clearly, I’m going to need another Costco run before Nathan starts next week. Now that I think about it, and thanks to your post, I’m going to need to pick up several more things to get through the first day/week/year…. a couple hundred post-its for notes in his lunch (so he knows what to eat first, how to open his applesauce, not to throw the containers away, not to bother saving the leftover half-sandwich, the consequences of trading food with other kids, and to remember to wash his hands first). You know, all the things I would normally tell him if I WERE THERE WITH HIM. Obviously, a lot of kleenex. I actually thought I was dealing with this really, really well – until I read your post. Thanks for adding some reality to my day 🙂 Also I’ll need some of those pre-paid gas cards because I’ll be doing a LOT of drive-bys – not ’cause I’m over-protective or anything crazy like that – more just to see how recess is going and make sure that he’s OK – he just started going down the slide alone, for example. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but… Oh, and I definitely need to grab a journal (or two) for the teacher. I’m sure that this will be a great way for he to keep me in the loop about all the important each day, like whether he is using his good manners, and what exactly he says to the kids that tell him his head is too big (as well as a detailed report of how SHE handled the situation) . Yes, a journal will work well I think. Oh, and also I’ll need to pick up some extras – socks, mitts, hat, underwear, sunglasses, etc. Because I know they say to bring a change of clothes, but what would happen if he happens to need a backup to that extra set? It happens sometimes. Sometimes even twice….

        I think Costco also has inexpensive cell phones, right? Like, pay-as-you-go ones? Because yes, I know he’s 5, and I SWORE my kid wouldn’t have a cell phone til he was 18, but…. if I just got a little tiny one and tucked it into his pocket, he could call when he gets scared if there’s an automatic-flush toilet in the bathroom, or he gets turned around and can’t find his classroom again… just a quick call and I could remind him that it’s 2 left turns and one right turn and his teacher will be waiting inside the classroom for him…

        Definitely also need some paper lunch bags, No, not for lunches, silly – those are so ’80’s – we’ll be using an eco-friendly, non-bpa, recycled lunch bag that cost $40 (oooops – better get another one of those from Costco too, in case we ever forget the lunch bag at school…) oh, wait, no we won’t – of course we’re using the Walmart special el-cheapo Batman lunch kit that my baby wanted for his first day of school and I couldn’t say no :).

        No, the paper lunch bags are for each time I send my baby to the big kids’ school and I need to go home and hyperventilate…

  1. Happy Birthday, Griffin! Can’t wait to hear how the big day went. (Way to go for making me tear up, Cousin. It was thanks to your support team. I’m SO happy you have everyone!) :,)

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