Rainbows, Unicorns, and Purging Useless Sh*t

We’re trying to soak up every last bit of summer around here, because we know it won’t last much longer 🙂

Here are a few new pics of the boys from a picnic we took recently.  Before you ask, I don’t know why Griffin is wearing a Corona hat.  We don’t let him drink beer yet, I swear.  Also, I know Jace is starting to look like a Hobbit with his hair like that.  Up until recently, I’ve been cutting his hair (about once every 8 weeks since he was born…I know, it’s ridiculous). BUT, our little mister is developing quite the independent personality these days and the sight of me coming at him with the scissors now sends him into a frenzy of feistiness.  It’s almost time for a professional… or some sedatives (joking, of course!)

Anyway, here are the pics (Retro Camera App. for Android):

Check out that house in the background of the pic above.  It’s ok I guess, a little small for my liking.

I love this pic of the boys (above).  Because usually, when I try to get them to sit together, it looks like this…


And how’s Rex doing these days?  You tell me…

Life’s rough, you know.

So how are things going around the house since I’ve been home for two weeks now?  Things are good.  Really good.  I feel like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders.  Notice how I said “being lifted?”  It’s because the weight isn’t gone yet.  It’s a work in progress, and let me tell you, it is an uphill battle.

Did I think it was going to be all rainbows and unicorns?  No, I didn’t.  Not right away at least.  I don’t expect to see any mythological creatures or apparitions until well after Christmas.  I’ve been stockpiling photography work and writing projects for months now, and since assuming the role of head cook and bottle washer here at home, I’m finding myself buried under piles of appointments that need to be made, paperwork that’s been piling up, a house that’s been neglected for far too long, and children that need to be fed, entertained and chauffered to their own engagements.

Where to start?  Who knows.  I’m trying to take little bites, which is super hard for me.  I’m more of a “I-can-do-everything-all-at-the-same-time-seriously-watch-me-go-I-can-handle-it” kind of person.  But I do know that employing my usual approach this time will result in failure and possibly medication.  So little bites it is.  And here’s how I’m starting:

Bite #1 – Operation “Purge House of Useless Sh*t”

Clutter makes me crazy.  So, we’ve decided to get rid of a lot of stuff.  If we don’t need it or use it regularly, it’s gone.  Period.  My goal is to attack one area of the house every week for the next 10-12 weeks and donate (or sell) at least one box or bag of stuff per week.  This week, I attacked the kitchen.  It didn’t take long (less than an hour), and before I knew it, I had filled two boxes that looked like this:

What’s in the boxes?  Useless crap.  Over 50 items that we never used or never wanted – gone.  It feels good, and it was so easy.  Next week, I’m tackling the linen closet.  The week after that – the office.  Working my way up to the dreaded storage room in the basement – aka, “the graveyard.”  I’m excited.  It feels good.  You should try it.

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be back on Monday!

Oh, one more thing.  If you haven’t entered this contest from Pink Taffy Designs yet, be sure to head on over to get your name in.  The contest ends soon!



6 thoughts on “Rainbows, Unicorns, and Purging Useless Sh*t

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  2. The UPEI shirt makes up for the Corona Hat – wooohooo Griffin! I am purging too and it feels wonderful! So happy and proud of you for making the big move – you can do it!!!!! xoxoxox

  3. I thought you had to drink Corona to wear the hat? Hmmmm. Once my son came home with his shirt inside out, and I wondered why his teacher made him do that, when he took it off I realized his “Pirate shirt” was from Hooter’s and it said “Arrgh, I’m here for the booty.” Shame on her for not knowing that booty = treasure. What kind of kindergarten teacher doesn’t speak pirate???

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