Getting Rid of Useless Sh*t – Part 2 (The Bathrooms)

So, I’m on a mission to purge my house of useless crap that has been collecting over the years.  It all started with a desire to have a more peaceful, relaxing home with less clutter, less things to trip over and less things to look at.  I was getting stressed out with the amount of items we have in this house that weren’t being used, so I decided to start getting rid of them.  Once a week, I’m choosing a room or space to declutter.  Last week, I started with the kitchen and moved on this week to tackling the bathrooms.

We have three bathrooms in our house.  The basement bathroom is pretty bare, it doesn’t get used very much.  The bathroom in our bedroom is used more, but is quite small, so we don’t seem to accumulate a lot of junk in there; just some towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc…  Then there is our main bathroom.

Our main bathroom is a revolving door of grossness.  This is where the kids have their baths, where we keep all cleaning products, beauty (ha!) products, extra TP and paper towels, bath toys, and where we end up acting as “Dr. Mommy and Dr. Daddy.”  This room is hardworking and it was a disorganized mess.  Time to get organized.

I focused on the linen closet.  Here’s what it looked like before:

Yup, that’s a big bag of cat food from Costco sitting on the floor in there, next to rogue rolls of TP.  The towels are stuffed in wherever and there are cleaning products next to the Tylenol.  If you were at my house and asked me for a band-aid, I’d have to tell you the location of the nearest drugstore to go buy some because I wouldn’t be able to find any.

Another problem in our bathroom is the vanity.  We have a large vanity with four drawers and two doors under the sink.  One of the drawers looked like this:

And another looked like this:

Good to see I’m using the space well.

So what did I do?

The first thing I did was bring in the garbage can.  I got rid of all the useless crap I didn’t need, which was about 50% of the bathroom contents.  Then I organized everything – cleaning products on one shelf, medications on another.  The kids’ towels on one shelf, Rex’s towels on another.  Yup, Rex has his own towels.  I gutted the drawers in the vanity and put things back in in a way that made sense.

This isn’t rocket science, I know.  BUT, it is surprisingly easy to fall into this disorganized chaos like I have.  I’m not good at keeping things tidy on an ongoing basis.  I’d rather go in once every six months or so and do a big purge like this; I work better this way.

Here’s what the closet looks like now:

It took me less than an hour and it feels awesome.  I know where the band-aids are now.

Since I’ve also committed to getting rid of at least one box or one bag per week of useless crap, I had to let some things go.  What did I get rid of?  I got rid of ALL the “baby” items.  We are not having any more kids.  There, I said it, let’s move on.  The baby stuff has to go: baby towels, little wash cloths, little hairbrushes, baby bathtubs, little blankets…the list goes on.  I also found lots of other things we didn’t need, like shower curtain rings, soap dishes, candles, other smelly things…all brand new, still in their original packaging.  I don’t use this stuff, don’t like it, but people give them to me as gifts, so I hoard them away in the bathroom.  No more!

So the kitchen and bathroom purges have gone smoothly.  I was using them as warm-ups really for larger projects, like the office.  Oh God, how will I ever fix THIS?

Send your prayers to  Or better yet, stop by next week with some coffee and chocolate.  Just leave it at the door, I don’t want to see you.  If you come in we’ll just end up eating Doritos and watching Dr. Phil.  And then you’ll convince me to go shopping or something.  I know how it works, I’ve seen it happen before.

Wish me luck.  And yes, that is a fake hand in the bottom left corner of that photo.  I’ve got my work cut out for me.

(All photos taken with Retro Camera App. for Android.  I like it because the pics are a bit fuzzy so you can’t see all the details of my house.  You don’t need to know what brand of TP we use)


4 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Useless Sh*t – Part 2 (The Bathrooms)

  1. I wondered if perhaps Rex had (unbeknownst to you) licked your camera lens… the photos look cool but I really wanted to see the wall organizer above your desk more clearly!!! (I don’t actually need to know the TP details but I do need to organize my office 🙂 ) Good luck this week!!

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