Showing Our True Colors, Nova Scotia Style

We Maritimers are proud of our pretty little part of the world, and we certainly have good reason to be.  I mean, how beautiful is this?

This is literally just off the highway near my house.  I was on my way home from a photo shoot yesterday (baby’s first haircut – TOO cute!) and my mind was racing with all the projects I’m working on and how crazy busy things are right now.  I was watching the road of course, but I wasn’t really looking around me, you know?  The sun poked through just the right way, the temperature was creeping up, and I had one of those “stop everything!” moments that people make up when they really want to do something.  So I made one up, pulled over, and hopped out with my camera and went for a little walk.

Right now, we are surrounded by spectacular colors.  The reds are competing with the oranges to see who can be the brightest, and the yellows reach for the sky, practically yelling “come take my picture!”  So I did.

“I’m the best,” “no I’M the best!”

We have walking trails that look like this:

And even the rocks are beautiful:

How lucky are we?

It’s really no wonder that October is my busiest month for family photos.  We wait all year for this short window of color awesomeness and we pounce.  I’ve photographed over 10 families in the past two weeks and there’s no end in sight!

My kids are loving it too.  The temperature is perfect for afternoons in the backyard.

Just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean the kids are off the hook for yard work 🙂

Christmas is right around the corner, whether we like it or not.  I saw Christmas trying to sneak into my photos yesterday:

We still have 10 weeks before we have to worry about that though.  For now, let’s enjoy this:

If you’re lucky enough to live in the northeast…what are you waiting for?  It won’t last much longer, and it’s free.

And all you need are these.

Happy Fall, from Nova Scotia!



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