Weekend in Review (According to My iPhone)

We’ve been trying to soak up every last bit of Fall because winter is just around the corner – you can feel it.  And with Hurricane Sandy rubbing shoulders with our little province as we speak, we packed in as much fun this weekend as we could.

Tanks battled army men in the backyard…

Big brothers helped little brothers put their shoes on…

We washed the dirt off from the outside…

And played at the playground up the street.

We hired “Griffin’s Leaf Blowing Business” to clear the driveway (he’s very thorough…)

And decorated for Halloween 🙂

Bales of straw = hours of fun 🙂

So today, Jace and I are hanging in there, waiting to see if Sandy will be naughty or nice to us.  So far, so good.  A little wind, a little rain…nothing we can’t handle.  Hopefully everyone around else will fare just as well.  We know what Hurricanes can bring and we pray everyone is safe and sound in all areas.

Check out the video I just posted to Facebook.  It’s the kind that makes you laugh while secretly wondering what the hell is really going on around here.  This is pretty tame though, right Gill?  Ha ha!



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