Catching Up

Oh hi!

How have you been?  Haven’t heard from me in awhile, I know.  I’m WAY behind on my posting, that’s for sure.  There have been lots of exciting things going on around here; busy little beavers we are.  Here is a quick run down of what’s been happening here at the Doyle/Larade house these days:

  • Griffin is officially a swimming lesson dropout.  We just couldn’t make him do it anymore.  Now he’s asking us to put him in Ninja classes.
  • Ken has made it to day 14 of “Movember.”  People are starting to make fun of him a bit and the paranoia is setting in.  Not sure if he’ll make it much further.
  • The Christmas frenzy is revving up.  The studio is fully decorated, and there is a lone snowman in the window in the living room.  It’s starting.  Shopping has commenced (albeit on a very strict budget this year.  Santa is going to have to be creative)
  • Jace can count to four by himself; ten with help.  His I.Q will pass mine by the time his is three.
  • We had our family photos taken this weekend by the lovely Gill from Tangled Tree Photography.  We are still laughing about it, because, a) we were QUITE a challenge for her, and, b) she’s, oh, about a week away from her due date for baby #2.  Yup, we made a very pregnant woman follow us around and take our photos – feel free to judge us; I certainly do!
  • It was a revolving door of awesome families having their photos taken in the studio this weekend.  We played Christmas music, ate sugary cookies and played in fake snow; it was wonderfully tacky!
  • Ken ripped out all the drywall in the downstairs bedroom.  Guess we have to start putting it back together.  Home renovations: three years and counting.
  • We spent the weekend playing outside in freakishly warm weather.  It hit 18.5 degrees in our backyard – crazy huh?  Made me forget all about three years of renovations!

Griffin’s been working on his monkey bar skills in the backyard.  He takes it very seriously:

And Jace just keeps working on being cute.  He’s pretty independant these days and insists on doing everything himself:

Who wants to sit in the wagon….

…when you can push your big brother in it instead?

The leaves were dry and crunchy; perfect for end-of-season belly flops:

I have a feeling that may have been our last date with Fall.  But that’s ok, right?  Winter means Christmas, birthdays, New Years and lots of new and exciting things happening here in the studio.  Can’t wait!

So that was our week in a nutshell.  Oh, I forgot one important thing… I have my first parent/teacher interview today.  Ack!!  I have to keep reminding myself that this boy is five.  FIVE!

Wish me luck, I’m scared of teachers 🙂





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