How To Support Your Husband During “Movember…”

So, your dear husband is growing a lovely moustache this month and, admit it, you think it’s kinda ugly.

But, being the supportive wife you are, you realise it’s just for one month and it’s raising awareness for a great cause.  So you’ve decided you’re going to cheer your hub-unit on and encourage his stache-growing because he’s really doing a great thing for himself and for all the other important men in your life.

BUT, what if you want to take it a step further and support men’s health yourself?  You obviously can’t grow a moustache (not a great one anyway), so what options do you have to show your support?

Well, I’ve decided that for the month of November every year, I’m going to stop shaving my legs in support of men’s health (this year I started in mid-October, just to make sure I had a good head start).

So far, I’ve only had to explain it to two people – my husband and my doctor.  Ken just shakes his head and smiles at me since he’s long ago accepted that I think a little differently than some people.  And my doctor, let’s just say she pretended like she didn’t give a rat’s a*s, but I was a little embarassed the moment I realised I became fodder for around the water cooler.  Oh well.

Ladies, if you want to show your support, it’s not too late to stop shaving your legs.  The men in your life will love you for it – trust me – it’s the least you can do 😉  And if they give you a hard time, just say, “it’s for Movember!” and remind them of how you’re the most supportive and loving wife in the whole world.

Good luck!

Not my husband…

To learn more about men’s health or to make a donation to the “Movember,” click here, and remember to encourage the men in your life to look after themselves!!



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