Year End…Already??? The Last Top 10 List of 2012

Kind of.

I’m going to be taking a little blogging vacation until after Christmas.  A whole month without blogging.  I know, I know; it’s going to be hard.  But since it’s easily the busiest time of year, I need a break.  How will I ever finish my dollar-store-chic-holiday-decorating and exterior illumination competition projects if I have to keep blogging all month?  The cake mixes aren’t going to mix themselves and the boxed wine certainly isn’t going to drink itself.  So I have to take a break 😦

I’ll pop in from time to time if something awesome happens.  I’ll let you know if when I finally shave my legs, and how my skin care experiments go.  I’ll also let you know how Christmas in the zoo (our house) goes this year, and if I have any awesome budget holiday crafts for you to try, I’ll be sure to send them your way.  And if I end up drunk-blogging on New Years Eve, well, please accept my apologies in advance.

Look for a 2012 wrap up sometime between Christmas and New Years.  I certainly have many things to be thankful for and many people to thank for those things I’m thankful for.  They deserve a post all to themselves 🙂  In the meantime, I’ll be posting pics and family updates on my Facebook page (did you see the new video of Griffin skating?  It’s very cute!)

So, if you don’t hear from me again before Christmas, here is my gift to you – one of my infamous Top 10 lists about how to celebrate the Holiday Season:

The Testoster-Zone’s Top 10 Rules for Celebrating the 2012 Holiday Season

1.  Bling up your house for the Holidays because it makes everyone who visits you happy.

2.  Give some of your time and money to a great charity.  Don’t know how/where/when?  Email me, I’ll help you.

3.  Stuff your face with awesome food and don’t feel guilty about it (seriously, life’s too short not to eat the whole box of Turtles or lick the cookie dough bowl).

4.  Hug your friends, hug your family, hug your pets.  And if you have something nice to say to any of them, say it.

5.  Celebrate your holiday your way, regardless of what you celebrate.  Don’t be offended if someone wishes you a “Happy Holiday” instead of “Merry Christmas,” or a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holiday.”  Who cares?  The meaning is still the same.

6.  Don’t spend a lot of money buying presents for your kids.  What they really want is to be with you, watching Christmas moviess on the couch while wearing matching pyjamas.  Sorry, you caught me; that’s a lie.  They really want lots of toys, sugar, and more sugar.  Just try not to blow the bank on junky crap.

7.  Speaking of watching Christmas movies, here is your unofficial movie checklist for the month of December according to moi (if you haven’t watched them already :))  Elf, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Love Actually, the Polar Express, The Muppet Christmas Carol,  Stepmom and Family Man.  Cartoons?  Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Pluto’s Christmas Tree (my fave), How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the Garfield Christmas Special.  Did I miss any??

8.  Let your kids wrap the presents they are going to give.  Bonus points if you let them pick out the present… like really let them pick it out 🙂

9. Be nice to the people ringing in your purchases or serving your food.  It’s a busy time for them too and they don’t care if you are in a hurry or if you’re hot.  You’re the one who waited until the last minute to go shopping.  Tip well.

10.  Make a mental list of all the things you loved about 2012 and then make a list of all the ways you’re going to rock 2013.  Maybe it’s time to go on that trip you’ve been putting off for so long.  Or to read/write/exercise/play/love more.  Or maybe it’s time to fix up your house..or move on to a new one!  Maybe it’s time to give more of yourself.  Actually, wait.  It is time to give more of yourself.  Somebody out there needs you.  Figure out who it is and what you can do.


Christmas is what we celebrate, so from our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

See you in a month!



6 thoughts on “Year End…Already??? The Last Top 10 List of 2012

  1. Merry Christmas to you and all those you love and will spend the holidays with and those you will be missing. I am not sure if I can go until after Christmas without your blogging, as it adds so much laughter and enjoyment to my day!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Also you should watch Muppet Family Chritsmas (if you can find it)! The Sesame Street gang and Fraggles make some Cameos! Full of laughs and singing! Oh and it’s only a TV hour (45mins).

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