Welcome Back to The Testoster-Zone! 2013 Is Going To Be Pretty Good I Think…

Hi!  Welcome back!  I was going to do a full 2012 “Year in Review” post, but got a bit sidetracked, so you get the short and sweet version instead.  A little about last year, a little about this year, a recap on how things go around here, and a mishmash of new pics.  Here we go…

2012 was definitely a fun year for us.  Highlights?  Vacations, going back to work after maternity leave, first steps, opening my studio, quitting my job, birthday parties, Griffin starting school, making new friends and celebrating old ones, Halloween, Christmas and Canada Day, new babies (not mine!) and lots of love.


iPhone pic of the boys (kind of) watching hockey

There were lots of lowlights too.  Personal ones and professional ones.  We lost one of our fur babies, and we lost family members and friends too.  I watched friends hurting and saw my family hold each other tightly as we lost our third member in just over a year.  We saw illnesses come and go, we fretted over money and careers and watched horrific events unfold in the news.


intense YouTube watching

Highlights, lowlights…midlights…they are part of life, we all know that.  All we can do is ride the ride, take it all in and deal with things as they come.  For me, well, I’m an optimist to a fault.  I look way too deep for meaning sometimes and get lost in space with ideas, straining my eyes to find rainbows that don’t exist.  Luckily, I have a family at home who bring me back to earth.  All it takes is one barf on the floor, one middle-of-the-night fever, or a “terrrible twos” temper tantrum to give me a reality check right in the butt.

Lyndsay - 16edit

Photo of Griff courtesy of Gill at Tangled Tree Photography

So for 2013, of course I’ve set some lofty goals for myself that may or may not pan out.  I don’t make the usual personal resolutions like going to the gym (who am I trying to kid?), or changes to my diet (life’s too short not to eat gummi bears for breakfast), rather, I try to make goals that benefit my overall happiness.  Things like not wasting my time reading bad books (not mentioning any particular titles here, but reading books with a lot of “grey” area have resulted in a massive loss of my brain cells, and I can’t stand to lose too many of those), taking my kids out individually to do fun stuff, and trying to be thankful for what we have when I dwell on things that we don’t.  Simple things, you know?


Simple things in our house include anything to do with eating…and sugar

And professionally, well, as far as I can see, the sky’s the limit.  I’ll try some new things and I’ll stick with some old things.  I’m going to write more, read more, and photograph more.  I’m going to take some chances and I’m going to work hard.

Here’s to a new year with lots of great things to look forward to.  I’m happy that you’re joining me back here in the Testosterzone.  If you’ve been reading for awhile, thank you!  I love blogging.  I love the friends I’ve made because of blogging and I love the little community we’ve built.  If you’re a new reader – welcome!  You can find out all about us under the tabs at the top of the page.

Family photo courtesy of Gill at Tangled Tree Photography

Family photo courtesy of Gill at Tangled Tree Photography

I blog mostly about my family life with boys, with a little bit of crafty-creative stuff, business stuff and photography stuff thrown in.  I do welcome guest bloggers from time to time and I also welcome giveaways, sponsors, ad spots and blog post ideas.  If any of this interests you, make sure to drop me a line sometime 🙂

Happy 2013 to you!  I wish you lots of happiness, quiet times with your family, positive people in your life, laughter with friends, a bit of naughtiness and a bit of luck too.

Lucky boy won the ticket jackpot during his first time at the arcade yesterday.  His Doyle DNA is clearly shining through

Lucky boy won the ticket jackpot during his first time at the arcade yesterday. His Doyle DNA is clearly shining through

Do you make resolutions?  What are you looking forward to this year?


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