Battles – Daddy Loses :(

Nope, not the mental kind – that’s Jace’s territory 🙂

I’m talking about G.I. Joe stuff here.  It’s Griffin’s new obsession.  Slowly fading are the Lego days (although many Lego sets and vehicles have successfully made the transition to the battlefield), and now, we have G.I. Joe.

EVERY night, Griffin sets up his room for a “battle,” and invites Daddy in to have his ass kicked by the Griffin Army.

The rules are simple: Griffin only wins, and Daddy always loses.  End of rules.

It’s not quite a fair battle, and to be fair to Ken, he doesn’t have much to work with.  Here’s Griffin’s setup from yesterday that Ken was up against:

Yes, we are Canadian.  No, you cannot buy Canadian army toys.  So American will have to do.  On top of the usual green plastic army men and tanks, his army also consists of dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars characters and a plastic seal.

And, here’s the best part….this is what Daddy gets for his “army:”


An empty container, some crappy beige army men, an egg carton and a battery operated disco ball.  Sucks to be Ken.

It’s especially evident that the boys play with this stuff too much at craft time, when Griffin comes to me with paper towel rolls and some tape and asks me to make him a bazooka.  Wha?  He’s also talked me into making tanks out of cardboard boxes and submarines out of egg cartons.

I don’t get this boy stuff sometimes.  I try not to look into it too much though because, well, he’s five.  It’s what a lot of kids are into and I think it’s a good thing to give them some freedom to make their own decisions about what toys to play with.

And nobody or nothing is getting hurt…well, except maybe Ken’s ego.


What do you think?  Do you allow toy guns and/or army toys in your house?   





3 thoughts on “Battles – Daddy Loses :(

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