Our First Snow Day!

I found out on Facebook yesterday morning that school was cancelled.  It’s one time my addiction to social media has come in really handy, because if I hadn’t have checked what my friends were doing at 7:30 am yesterday morning, I would have been standing out at the bus stop in the snow wondering where the hell the bus was.

Because here in Nova Scotia, we have a history of cancelling school when it’s not that bad outside and keeping school open when it’s the worst winter day ever outside.  It’s a real point of contention around these parts that’s become almost comical and predictably unpredictable.

Yesterday (in my completely inexperienced opinion) the weather wasn’t that bad.  In fact, we had a day that was much worse on Friday.  But whatever, Jace and I were home anyway, so it wasn’t a stretch for us to include one more little body.

So, between bouts of running, screaming, and running while screaming (the kids’ favorite activity), I tried to fill the gaps with crafts.

Griffin’s new favorite crafts?  Retrofitting old crafts to meet the needs of his new “army.”


An old “oil rig” becomes a new “hospital” for wounded army guys


That roll of toilet paper? Material for army tents, of course


Hatching an evil plan….

Griff could sit there all day, cutting and taping.  Jace?  Well, he’ll sit there and stare at me with a devilish grin until I turn my back.  Then he’ll eat a marker.

We found a very cool tutorial online to make origami army tanks.  They’re actually very easy and were a big hit with Griff.  Here is our first attempt:


When I can pull off something like this, I’m the coolest Mom ever

Not bad huh?  Here is the tutorial for the paper army tanks.

So the day dragged on a bit.  The kids were wound up, and going outside wasn’t an option.  By the afternoon, this is what the scene in our living room looked like:


“I think we all know who’s in charge around here – tee hee!”

Yup, I lost control.  The TV was on age-inappropriate cartoons all afternoon and I just pretended I didn’t see the mess, the pants-less-ness, and the chewed up food on the floor.  It was a three-coffee kind of day.

But we survived.  The house almost didn’t, but we did.  And that’s all that matters 🙂


What did you do yesterday?  How do you survive snow days when you’re stuck inside? 




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