Get Snapping! Your Friendly Reminder to Take More Photos of Your Kids

Confession #1:  Other than the odd iPhone pic, I haven’t taken any photos of my boys since November.  NOVEMBER!!  And those photos were taken in front of a Christmas tree.  Since I’m still on holiday detox, I refuse to look at those photos until next Christmas.

Confession #2:  I’ve been breaking one of my own photography commandments by keeping my camera tucked away out of sight.   Shame on me!  Time to get it out and leave it out.

Confession #3:  I have the hardest time taking photos of my own kids.  Other people’s kids are easier because they don’t know me.  They will (most of the time) do what I tell them to, especially when their parents are not around 😉

So I set out the other day to snap some new pics of my own kids.  Like I said, it had been awhile, co I needed to get some updated shots.  Here’s what it sounds like when I try to take photos of Griffin:

“OK, Griff, let’s try sitting in this chair, give me a big smile!”


“Well, not quite like that.  Open your eyes up nice and big”


“Ok, maybe not…just do normal eyes”



“But you have to look at me…no, at ME”


“Seriously, what are you looking at?  Ok, let’s try something different, show me your best smile…”


“Ummm, ok.  How would you smile if one of your buddies were here?”



So it was a bit of a challenge, but in the end, we did get some nice shots:





And then there’s Jace.

Jace is holding strongly to his “NO!” phase and couldn’t care less about my need for documenting every. single. moment. of. their. lives. through photographs.  So capturing good pics of him these days requires lots of time and patience, and a bit of luck.  Not unlike trying to photograph a sasquatch.

I guess this day was a lucky one because I managed to get a few of him while he was distracted by the traffic outside our house:







What he does now when I say “SMILE!”


I love my blue-eyed boys 🙂

If you need some hints on how to take better photos of your own children, check out this post I did awhile back.  It may take a lot of bugging them persistance and a little bit of luck, but remember, any photo is better than no photo, and you will always regret the photos you do not take.  So get snapping!

Oh, one more thing.  You don’t always have to go for the happy, smiley faces.  Sometimes a grumpy/tired/crying face can have huge impact and capture their little personalities perfectly.  This pic of Jace is a great example, it captures his frustration and totally makes me smile because it sums up the pouty phase he is in right now 🙂IMG_0090


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