Ready For The Storm?

I was going to make a joke about how there’s a storm in our house every day (there really is), but for real, there’s a storm coming this weekend.  They say it’s a big one.  And that means the kids will be inside.  A lot.  Maybe ALL weekend.  This is serious.

What will you be doing to keep your kiddies busy?  I’d like to say that we would have a nice cozy weekend snuggled quietly on the couch, but I think a couple of other little people will have different plans.  Here are a few photos I took yesterday in an attempt to get a nice photo of the two of them together.  I’ve been trying now for two years…

(Warning: they’re a little wound up, just be happy you can’t HEAR the photos)



Eardrums aren’t important….

Yup, that’s our “normal.”

Today, we stocked up on groceries and gas.  Our wine stash is a little low, so we’ll have to do something about later tonight.  Other than that, and the anticipated cabin fever, I think we’re ready to go.  I wasn’t living here during “White Juan,” so I don’t really know what to expect during these mega snowfalls – should I be worried??

All jokes aside, take care of yourselves and your homes this weekend.  Keep your babies warm and your pets inside.  Go buy some batteries and get lots of food that doesn’t have to be refrigerated (cake, cookies, Doritos…stuff like that).  Hey, it’s survival.

WIsh us luck, and if anyone has any extra ear plugs they want to drop off sometime today, just email me and I’ll give you our address 🙂


“I’m so innocent and quiet”


“Snow just makes me SCREEEEEEAM!!!”


7 thoughts on “Ready For The Storm?

  1. I feel for you. My boys came home saying that the school principal made an announcement that they should all keep an ear on the forecast for tomorrow because there may be a SNOW DAY!!! We live in Toronto so those are very very rare and now my boys are all worked up in anticipation. Sigh.

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