Weekend Wrap-Up – How We Survived the Storm and What’s New This Week


“Oooooooh, it’s cold!”

Snow, wind, cold, rain, slush, cold, ice, snow, wind…….

If only the snow would stick around long enough for us to enjoy it!  What a mess the last few days have been.  So cold, so windy.  We got a massive amount of snow this weekend, and now, this morning, it’s a pile of gray slush.  Shubenacadie Sam is lucky I’ve been busy, or I would drive up there and kick him right in his furry little a*s, because this sucks.  Rex is the only one in our house who likes this weather:


“I don’t know what she’s complaining about, this snow is AWESOME!”

Luckily for Ken and I, the kids had a planned sleepover at Nana and Grampie’s on Friday night, so it broke up the weekend a bit.  We had plans to go out to dinner and a movie, but we both weren’t feeling that great, so we stayed home and watched Zoolander.  Much better than going out, and we were able to take notes for the boys’ future careers as male models or mer-men.

According to my mother, the boys were perfect angels.  I checked their bar codes when they got home to make sure we were talking about the same kids.


We always sit still at Nana’s house…

So with some imagination and lots of coffee, we tried to keep the kids busy while the snowstorm kept us inside for the rest of the weekend.  By Sunday, we had run out of ideas, so we just took the counter top off our kitchen island and let the kids play in the cupboards:


Just kidding – kind of 🙂  We’re getting a new one, so this one has found a new home in the basement as part of the new “Larade Winery.”  Oh, I didn’t tell you we’re going to be making our own wine from now on?  We figure it will be more cost effective for us, and give us something to do rather than complain about the weather.  Plus, I get to design cute labels:

Wine Lables

Yup, we’ve named the wine (loosely) for our kids.  Someday, they’ll appreciate the love that went into it.

And speaking of love, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, isn’t it?  I had some big ideas for some crafts that Griff and I could do to get ready and decorate the house a bit, but for some reason, he’s not quite as “into” this holiday as some of the other ones.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that girls are gross??  Big boy is growing up, and Valentine’s Day may be “gross” right now, but that doesn’t get him out of doing his homework.  He needs to fill out 25 valentines for all the kids in his class and his teacher.  I think it’s cute, he thinks it’s stupid, but he knows he has to do it.



Life’s hard huh?

It’s Winter Carnival week at school, and today was “crazy costume” day.  I feel a little bad for the teachers this week, the kids must be completely nuts with all the fun and activities.  As I sent my blue Power Ranger on the school bus this morning, I was thinking about how great elementary school teachers are.  I really think that any teacher who has a bathroom directly attached to their classroom is a pretty brave and special person 🙂

So that’s it for today, but I’ve already started working on my next post for later on in the week.  It’s a comedic piece titled, “I Joined the Gym.”  It’s a true story, and it’s not pretty.

Happy Tuesday 🙂


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