Indulgences, Splurges, and Guilty Pleasures – A Top 10 List

I am a bit of an over-sharer.  I can’t help it.  I used to get in trouble at school all the time for talking too much, and I’ve even been reprimanded at some of my early jobs for socializing too much when I was supposed to be working.  Oops.

So, because it’s in my nature and because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some of my secret guilty pleasures with you (we all have them, right?).

I should note that I rarely feel guilty about my pleasures but there are a few I have that may be just a little more indulgent than others (translation: embarrassing, but I don’t care).  And it gives me a chance to do another Top 10 List – yay!

So, here we go – don’t judge!


Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

10.  Real cream in my coffee.  And real sugar, and real whipped cream, and sprinkles…  Yum.

9.  Buying, and hoarding, craft supplies.  I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with eight bottles of Gorilla Glue, or all those little boxes shaped like bird houses, but someday I know I’ll be happy I have them.  My craft obsessions?  Tape and glue.

8.  Looooooong showers.  My guilt factor is high on this one, but I can’t help it.  I’m cold all the time and it just feels SO good.

7.  Eating weird food at weird times.  Gummi worms for breakfast?  Yup.  Doritos and chocolate milk for dinner?  Yes please.  I’ve become very good at feeding my kids proper meals while I hide in other rooms to stuff my face.

6.  Thrift store shopping.  Actually, flea market shopping.  Actually, shopping on the side of the road in other people’s garbage.  Frig.

5.  Bad TV shows.  Think Bachelor/Bachelorette, Project Runway and Antiques Roadshow.

4. It’s deliciously raunchy and oh so inappropriate.  And I can’t get enough.

3.  Drinks.  And no, I don’t mean wine (I don’t feel guilty about that at all). I’m talking slushies, smoothies, milkshakes, and any other sugary concoction I can slurp through a straw.  I would drink all my meals if I could.

2.  Buying stuff for my kids.  When I go shopping with my kids, everything they touch somehow ends up in the cart.  I can’t help it, they hypnotize me with their blue eyes and chubby cheeks, and I’m so weak, especially when it comes to the junk food by the cash register.  We buy Kinder Eggs as if we’re American and they’re on the banned substance list.  I try to leave them home as much as possible (the kids, not the Kinder Eggs).

And my number one guiltiest pleasure…. Get ready for this because it’s a goodie….

1.  Nicholas Cage movies.  I have no explanation for this, so I’ll leave it alone.

That’s it!  Well, not really, but that’s all I’m sharing 🙂

What are some of your guilty pleasures?  Seriously, tell me!  Comments are anonymous, so let’s hear it!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!


9 thoughts on “Indulgences, Splurges, and Guilty Pleasures – A Top 10 List

  1. Buttered popcorn with salt and vinegar powder, mirage bars, homemade bread dipped in molasses, thrift store and yard sales ( it is the frugal Doyle gene Lynds), and yes facebook because I love knowing everyone’s business…lol…

  2. CHEESE. And more specifically…NACHOS. Nothing makes me feel better than a heaping plate of nachos! It’s a terrible, fattening addiction lol

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