The Evolution of Kiddie Crafting

If you’ve been following along with us for awhile, you’ll know that we (particularly Griffin and I), spend a LOT of time making things together.  It’s our common ground.  I may not be great at having army battles, or playing video games, I can whip up a boat or an army tank out of paper like nobody’s business.  I love that I’m the one Griff comes to when he has an idea about something he wants to make, or when one of his homemade toys needs to be fixed.  And I totally love that he spends just as much time playing with his cardboard toys as he does playing with his yucky plastic ones.

Here’s the problem though.  I’ve created a monster.

His bedroom is overrun with his creations (I mean, they are everywhere), and I regularly catch him digging through our recycling bin to look for supplies for his projects.  I still feel bad about the day he was rummaging through our paper recycling bin and found several of his own items in there.  Oops.  (Parenting tip #231 – be more careful when throwing out your kids’ stuff).  Much to Ken’s delight, we even have people who save their egg cartons/bottle caps/paper towel tubes/cardboard/boxes/bread tags/popsicle sticks/corks, and deliver them to our house, because they know how much we use.  Hey, it’s art AND recycling 🙂

I totally love it.  BUT, there is a downside.  This is what our kitchen table now looks like full-time:


We now eat on the floor, picnic-style 🙂

I can put up with the mess, but this is what I’m struggling with… He doesn’t need me anymore.  All I am to him is the supplier of the goods and the wielder of the glue gun.  Gone are the days of scouring Pinterest for cool ideas and working together to create something amazing.  Now it’s, “Mommy, you need to buy more tape,” and “can you move?  I need more space.”

Sniff, sniff.

But I love his focus and determination, and how he works towards making whatever it is he sees in his head.  I even love moving all the furniture out of the way so he can make an epic-ly large castle for his G.I Joe figures:


Here is one side of the castle. He drew tanks all over it and put an electric fence along the roof to keep the bad guys out. Cool huh?

I am happy to put up with the crafty messes he makes, and the personal rejection because I believe so stongly in art for kids.  Music and sports come in a close second, but for me, art and creativity will always reign supreme.  It is problem solving, it is co-ordination, it is balancing and calming.  Like exercise for the soul.

And while Griffin is busy becoming an independent artist here at home, I’m not too upset that he may not need me as much anymore, because I’ve got another protege coming up through the ranks.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our newest artist-in-training…


“Ooooh, stickers!”

It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

How important is art in your home?  What kinds of things do your kids like to make?


Happy Friday to everyone, and Happy March Break to the Nova Scotia kiddies!  We’ll be hanging around close to home next week if anyone wants to come over and build something.  BYO toilet paper tubes 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Kiddie Crafting

  1. I love your collection of wine corks to be used as crafts 🙂
    We haven’t got into many crafts in our house but Lilly goes so many crafts at daycare (in-home day care) and comes home with these amazing creations. I feel we’ll get a little more crafty this summer.

  2. always great to gt those creative juices flowing…it helps them to “figure things out “on their own as they grow….love it…marthe

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