“That was the worst night…EVER!”

That’s what we said every day this week.  In the past seven days, we’ve battled strep throat, stomach flu, migraines, more stomach flu, and about seven sleepless nights 😦  Oh, and did I mention stomach flu?   It’s vicious.

But, I think we’re on the mend.  Mommy and Daddy are getting the worst of it, and the kids are fine. It’s been a sh*t show of a week and I’m falling behind in everything, including blogging.   So forgive me, and just be happy you don’t live in our house right now!

Until we’re better, please enjoy this photo of Keji doing my taxes:


“Humans are weak”


3 thoughts on ““That was the worst night…EVER!”

  1. UGH!!! We went through the same thing, every now and then i still get a whiff of barf coming from some mysterious place that i can’t find… Hope you guys feel better soon : )

  2. Sounds like a super crappy week – hope this one is better. Oh, and Ozzie is doing our taxes this year too… since we seem to always get audited when Pete does it, we thought we’d give her a shot this year!

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