We Went to Utah! (Part 2 – Angel’s Landing)


Before we left home, we debated whether or not we would hike this one.  Why wouldn’t we?  Because the trail has claimed five lives since 2004, and I didn’t know if I liked those stats very much.  Lyndsay and Ken BC (before children) would have jumped at the chance to check this one off our lists, but things are a bit different now, you know?

After a bit of research, we decided we would hike most of the trail and turn back once we got to Scout Lookout, the pit stop where people make their final decision as to whether they will continue on to the summit.

So we started our hike at the crack of dawn one morning.  To say it was a challenge first thing in the morning, before coffee, with temps below zero, is an understatement…


But, to beat the crowds and have the inside track the whole way was totally worth it 🙂


Don’t look down!

Selfie at the half way point, taking a breather.  The moment I realised that I’m WAY out of shape!


Taking a break on Walter’s Wiggles – the final push before Scout Lookout, while Ken the mountain goat jumped ahead and took photographic evidence of my slooooow climb.


Reaching Scout Lookout as the sun is coming up.  Don’t let our shorts fool you, it was COLD up here.  We got some funny looks on our way back down as we passed people dressed more appropriately for the weather.  “It’s ok,” we said to them, “we’re Canadian.”  They nodded, knowing that we were used to the cold and that we were just a little bit crazy too.


Stunning views, abundant vegetation and sheer cliffs.  You can see the summit of Angel’s Landing off in the distance.  Continuing on with the climb would have meant white-knuckling it up the ridge with nothing but randomly placed chains to hold onto.  Any misstep or even a split second of dizziness could have a pretty tragic consequence, so we decided to be happy with making it as far as we did.


Enjoying the views…


We only met a few people up here at this time of day.  On the way back, we passed hoardes.  All ages, all sizes, some wearing jeans (ugh), some having no business being there and some looking like they were about to attempt Everest.  That’s what it’s like in National Parks.  Sometimes, I think there should be more regulations around some of the more dangerous hikes in parks, but on the other hand, I like to think that people who come to these places have a good understanding of what they’re about to do and have good judgement about their own abilities. Hmmmmmm….

Here we are at our “summit.”  One of the best hikes we’ve ever done.


So that’s it, our trip in a nutshell.

“Oh wait,” you say!  “Where are your photos from Vegas?”

Well, basically, there are none.  You know what they say, what happens in Vegas…. 🙂

Instead, I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from the trip.  I live for these colors and am counting down the days until I can go back 🙂


Happy Wednesday!



One thought on “We Went to Utah! (Part 2 – Angel’s Landing)

  1. I actually have goosebumps. Amazing photos! And you are NOT so out of shape if you have that hike under your belt!

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