Enjoying the Sunshine

We are loving the outdoors this week!  Some of us more than others, since we can’t get the boys inside at night without a fight (sound familiar to anyone else?)

Our outdoor play time usually consists of Griffin running laps around the house, stopping every once in awhile to kick a soccer ball or jump over the dog, and Jace running behind him, trying to do the same, sometimes successfully 🙂

Jace is full of personality these days (good and bad!) and thinks he’s five years old instead of two.  He never sits still and is always grinning mischievously while contemplating his next move in his world-domination plans.  He’s a handful.  A cute handful, but a handful.  Here he is trying to ride his tricycle.  (*Helmet disclaimer – yes, I realize it’s not snapped on under his chin.  He can’t go anywhere though, he’s two)


I love that smile 🙂

Blog2 Blog3

Don’t you just hate it when you get stuck in a stick?  It’s a jungle out there.


And then there’s our big boy.  So far, we’ve enrolled him in swimming, soccer, gymnastics and skating.  But he likes basketball – go figure.  He told me that yesterday, at school, he got 105 baskets.  NBA – here we come!


His nickname will most likely be “the kid with the big blue eyes and the long eyelashes,” or something like that 🙂


They keep us busy, these two.  Life is so good right now.




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