We’ve been fighting off germs all week.  Stuffy noses, coughs, and crankiness we can shrug off.  But fevers make us stop and take notice.  And that’s why Griffin is laying beside me on the couch right now instead of being at school.  Sometimes sick days can really throw us for a loop as we scramble to adjust work schedules and dog walks, but we welcomed today’s sick day as a much needed break from a crazy week.

I knew it was officially a bad week when Ken and I both declared on Wednesday that it felt like Friday (that’s never good).  You know those weeks when the kids are kind of sick?  Not sick enough to stay home, but just sick enough to be super cranky and not sleep at night?   And you’re kind of sick too, but not sick enough to go to bed?  You’re just sick enough to be cranky and not sleep at night?  Yeah, that’s us this week.  We were supposed to spend the week preparing for a yard sale this weekend that won’t happen now because there is a tropical storm headed our way.  A tropical storm.  In June.  Honestly.  But, since we weren’t feeling good, all we did was gather a bunch of stuff and pile it up in the rec room.  Awesome.

I know we all have weeks like this, it happens to us a lot.  And I know it’s not big deal really, but it is tiring when you just can’t seem to get it together, right?  Luckily for me, I have great girlfriends who are great Moms, and they get it.  They really get it.  And we laugh because after we speak, because we remember that we’re not alone (it’s easy to forget).  To prove my point, here are some gems from an email conversation I had with my friend, Sasha, yesterday:

….alcohol and sleep would both be soooo cool
right now.  Actually, enough alcohol TO sleep would be even better, hahaha


….He won’t come inside, he won’t get dressed, won’t get in his car seat, won’t eat anything!  It’s ridiculous! The only good thing is that he’s still small enough that I can pick him up and it doesn’t hurt too bad when he kicks and slaps me!


Last night the kids ate half a watermelon for supper.  That’s it…half a watermelon!


…Well, what did you expect when you dumped your yogurt on him AGAIN??


Nice, huh?!  I’m not going to tell you who wrote what, and hopefully Sasha won’t kill me for posting this (hi Sasha!), but I find every once in awhile we need some reassurance that we’re not doing it wrong, we’re doing it the same as everyone else.  A reality check.  Feeling like a crappy Mom?  You are not alone!  Feeling like your kids are little aliens?  You are not alone!  Feeling like you’ve eaten chicken nuggets and frozen french fries every. night. this. week?  You are not alone!   Feeling like a tropical storm just ripped through your house?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

That’s what girlfriends are for.  And if you’ve got some good ones, like I do, consider yourself lucky because they’re hard to find.  I mean, who else can you talk to about your rotten kids and your “lovely” husband (i.e the luckiest man in the world)?  These relationships are important ones that deserve some special attention.  Forget the housework, call you girlfriend!  It’s a much better use of your time than folding stupid old clothes 🙂

So today we’re resting, and watching cartoons again.  And I’m happy with that.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get some KD and grape juice for lunch too.  Because Sasha made me smile yesterday and that’s getting me through today’s sniffles and coughs.  Yay for girlfriends!

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend – hope everyone stays dry 🙂



2 thoughts on “Girlfriends

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  2. Or some other gems: “Please take your HAND out of your brother’s SHIRT, he is trying to wear it
    right now”. “we got Happy Meals and had a picnic and a movie”. “There’s
    always next week, right?!” Some days I feel like SUCH a super mom (chaperoning an awesome field trip, parent council work, homemade snacks in the shape of clouds/rainbow/stars, cool glitter crafts and cardboard car ramps, laundry done AND put away… then other days, not so much. The only real constant is having girlfriends to help even it all out thrrough the deep, dark, muddy ruts and the sunny, top-of-the-mountain-highs… 🙂

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