Things My Dad Has Taught Me – a Top 10 List

So, I’ve written about my Dad quite a few times on this blog.  You can get caught up here, here and here.  In the spirit of Father’s Day weekend, it was completely necessary to dedicate a post to my Dad, however, I though I’d keep it light this time 🙂

I decided to do a top ten list of the important things my Dad has taught me over the years.  Actually, I’ve only posted the top ten things that are safe to be published.  I’ve deemed dirty jokes, crossdressing, and anything to do with DIY alcohol unnecesary for this list.  As if you didn’t know where I get THAT part of my personality from.

*Caution, old photos ahead…



My Dad has taught me….

1.  That girls can do anything boys can do…


2.  How to use a power drill, check the oil in the car and how to hot wire a ride-on lawn mower.



3.  That traveling is great education…


4.  How to spot a good deal…


5.  That it’s ok to take chances in my career choice…


6.  That giving to others is not optional…


7.  That you don’t need a lot of money to make a child happy…


8.  How to drink a beer…


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9.  Not to be a drama queen…



10.  And how to choose the best husband…

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I had a great childhood, and I’m happy to say that a big readon for that is because of my father.  He is kind and generous and the life of the party.  He is dependable and supportive and I’m proud when people tell me that I’m just like him (for whatever reason that may be… :))

Father’s Day now holds extra special meaning for me because of the fact that I’m completely surrounded by men.  I take my role as a Mom pretty seriously, and I’m happy that my boys have some great men in their lives to look up to.  I will teach my boys to be just like them 🙂

So Happy Father’s Day to my father, my father-in-law and my husband who’s turned out to be a pretty great Dad himself.  How lucky I am to be surrounded by such great men who love their families and set a great example for their children and their grandchildren.

Have a great weekend – is it beer o’clock yet?????



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