We Love Pan!

We were so excited to be contacted by the nice people at Hullabalu to see if our kids would be interested in taking their new app – Pan: The Fearless Beribolt, for a test run (it’s now available in the App Store for iPad – $3.99).  Of course we said “YES!”


Pan is one of the first interactive storybooks for kids on the market right now, and I gotta tell you, my kids just loved it!  Pan is an adorable purple panda bear who is on a mission to find her parents.  With so many children (including my own) being so tablet-savvy these days, using interactive storybook apps seems to be a natural extension of, and companion to, reading.  And although the app suggests ages 4+, our little Jace, at age 2, was able to touch the characters to make them talk, and could scroll through chapters effortlessly 🙂  Cool huh?


I’ve always loved stories, and grew up surrounded by books.  And I have always been very keen to expose my children to the joys of story telling and using their imaginations, whether it be through books, educational television shows, and now, apps.  How lucky are our children to have all these amazing choices, literally at their fingertips?!


Pan is such a lovable, engaging character, that my children were able to sit still (a miracle in itself!) to enjoy Pan’s entire story.  They loved the vivid imagery, the beautiful colors and the characters’ sweet voices.  I loved the fact that the words scrolled along the bottom for my little reader (Griffin, age 5) to follow along with.



In conclusion, we love this app.  We also love the idea behind this app for children who are learning to read, and we can’t wait for the awesome team at Hullabalu to come out with a follow up to Pan’s adventure.  For more info on the company, check out this great article 🙂

Two thumbs way up from us here at the TestosterZone!!



Please note that we were given a free copy of this app to try and were not given any monetary compensation for this review.  These opinions are strictly my own!


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