A MONTH OF GIVEAWAYS!!! Week 5 – Lyndsay Doyle Photography

If you’re just joining us here at the TestosterZone, we’ve been hosting weekly giveaways for the entire month of July.  It’s been amazing spending the month with some truly amazing women (you can get caught up here, here, here and here).

Hosting these giveaways has been a fun way for me to take a little break from writing while giving you guys something cool to look forward to every week.  BUT, like all good things, the giveaways must come to an end {booooooo!}

SO, for our very last week of giveaways, I’m featuring a little giveaway from moi, Lyndsay Doyle, owner of Lyndsay Doyle Photography and owner of this little bloggy.  Did you really think I wasn’t going to sneak myself in there somehow?!  Here we go….


As a self-proclaimed “cheese-less” photographer, I hate using words like “passion” and “dream.”  Because although I feel as though you should choose a career you love, I also believe that it takes a lot of hard work, patience and a realistic vision and plan.  When people say things like “follow your dreams,” I want to yell back at them, “NO!  Work hard!  Put in your time!  And maybe take a business course!”


I always knew that I wanted to be a photographer.  I just knew.  But I was brought up to believe that sometimes, you have to do things you don’t want to do in order to get to where you want to be.


Growing up, I was an artist, through and through.  I was always drawing, painting, reading, and writing.  I would invite friends over and ask them if they wanted to curl up on the couch and read a book (yup, I was a barrel of fun).  I couldn’t help it.  I was drawn to stories, storytelling and story creating.  And it was when I started sneaking photos with my Mom’s camera, that I discovered storytelling through photos.


Having a real career as a real photographer entered my mind after my Griffin was born almost six years ago.  As a storyteller and obsessive documenter who just happened to own a camera, everything started to come together.  What if I could combine all the things I love, and do it as a JOB?!


It hit me hard.  As I was snapping away during my maternity leave,  I knew that someday, I would help other families document their memories too.  BUT, I had a family, and responsibilities and bills to pay.  And I already had a great job.  So I waited.  And I studied.  And I practiced.  And I waited…


In 2009, we lost a baby at 12 weeks’ gestation.  To say it changed a lot of things in our lives is an understatement.  Griffin was 18 months old, we had a new house (translation: we didn’t have much money) and because we were expecting a new baby; things were very, very busy; and maybe even a little stressful.  Losing that baby made us realize a couple of things.  We realized that life can change incredibly fast, and we realized that we needed to do more things that made us happy.  Sad as it was, that year of our lives was pivotal.  We sold our house, we traveled, and I finally started the business that I had already created in my head.  That summer, I launched Lyndsay Doyle Photography.


As I watched Griffin grow, I became acutely aware of the importance of capturing memories.  Because life can change so quickly, photos and videos can be all that is left at the end.  In 2011, we welcomed a second son, Jace to our family.  And he made life even better (and even busier!)  I was working full time at the office, and evenings and weekends photographing families and weddings.  We were also renovating our new home (4 homes in 5 years…) Life crept up on us again, and we were swamped and stressed.


When Griffin started school this year, we took a leap of faith, and I left my full-time job to be a photographer.  ONLY a photographer.  Faith is the only way to explain it because we had no idea what to expect.  And it worked, and it’s still working.  I’m able to pursue my love of helping families document their lives, and at the same time, I get to be present in my own.  I took the long way around, but after 10 years of working in an office and simply dreaming of being a photographer, I did it.  And I plan to do it for a long time.


My photographic style is journalistic and real.  I like to capture families being themselves, kids with dirt on their faces, and family pets in the photo.  I shoot weddings and engagements, new babies and grandparents.  I like relationships and I love love 🙂  I want families to look back on the photos I’ve taken, and say “Oh, I loved when the kids were that age!” and “I’m so happy we have these photos.”  Because that’s my job.


To see more photos, and to learn more about me and my photography, check out my website:


or my Facebook page:



And now for the giveaway part – YAY!!!

For the very last giveaway, I am happy to be offering a beautiful keepsake photo pendant to one lucky reader!


Photo pendants are a special way to keep a loved one close to your heart.  Kind of like a locket left open for the world to see 🙂  Valued at $40, these pendants are a fabulous gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or my favorite, wedding showers.  Each pendant comes with a chain and is gift wrapped in a pretty box.  With a photo of your choice inside, you can keep it for yourself or give it to someone special.  You can read more about my photo pendants on my website.


Click on the link below to enter the contest:

One winner will be chosen randomly on Friday.  Worldwide shipping is included, so feel free to enter from wherever you live!!

>>>>>a Rafflecopter giveaway<<<<<
Good luck and have a great week!!!


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