What’s Up? Back to Basics.

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, and there are a couple of reasons for that.  I’d like to say that it was because I was SO busy that I just didn’t get around to it.  But that’s a lie.  There’s always time to work on something you love, no matter how busy you are.  I am busy, sure.  But the real truth is, I fell out of love a little bit.  I needed to take a step back and figure out where I was going and what I was doing.

I originally started this blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family.  I wanted to use it as a vehicle to record my thoughts and my photos.  I really didn’t think it would grow the way it did.  I started getting lots of emails from strangers (nice strangers) looking to connect, promote their businesses and join forces.  People were offering me free stuff to review, which was great and all, but it got to be too much for me.  It became a JOB, and I really didn’t need another one of those.

So we’re going back to basics.  I’ll blog when I want and about what I want.  If people don’t like it, well, they don’t have to read it.  I am no longer accepting guest posts, contests, giveaways, endorsements or anything similar.  I’m going to write about us, about life as a dreamer, and I’m going to brag about my kids.  It’s what I do best.

Oh, remember what I said in my first sentence?  That there were a couple of reasons why I’ve stepped back from the blog a bit lately?  Well, there’s another reason.  Something new and exciting is coming up, but I can’t tell you yet.  You’ll have to wait until the New Year 🙂

*NO, I’m not pregnant, nor are we expecting any new people or pets into our home.  We are not moving, we are not buying a new car, and nobody is switching jobs.  You’ll have to keep guessing.


3 thoughts on “What’s Up? Back to Basics.

  1. Those (the ones your continuing) have always been my favorite posts! 🙂

    It feels so good to prioritize and reap the benefits of having more time for the important stuff. Good for you!

  2. Good for you for following the lead of what your heart wants to write about. I, for one, like to read about your life as a dreamer 🙂 Heck, I like to read anything you write about, really, you are an inspiring writer and some days your blog reminds me that what I am doing matters too 🙂 And what? You’re not pregnant? I thought for sure, when I that lead-in!! PS I missed your blog posts and just the other day, realized it had been a while. Happy to see this.

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