A MONTH OF GIVEAWAYS!!! – Week 2: Naptime Designs

Good Morning!

Well, with week #1 of our month of giveaways under our belt (a total success!), we are pumped to move on to week #2!  Isn’t this fun?!

This week’s featured business is Naptime Designs, owned and operated by Jessica Duffy, and based out of the beautiful Annapolis Valley, NS.  Jessica is a super talented painter and a new Momma too 🙂  Her custom designs extend beyond children’s rooms, as Jessica now offers lovely artwork for the entire house.  Did I mention they are all custom?!

One of the reasons I love Naptime Designs so much, is that I have a little rule in my own house: Nothing goes on our walls unless it has some special meaning.  Nothing!  That means only displaying my own artwork, my children’s artwork, artwork that has been created by our friends and family, or artwork that has been customized for us.  Our house feels more cozy, it feels like….us.  And this is why I’m so excited to introduce Naptime Designs to you, because I think Jessica and I are totally on the same page!

The giveaway at the bottom is exactly what you need to add a personal touch to your home.  Good luck!

Here is Jessica’s story:


Both my husband and I are teachers; we are used to a frantic pace and working from home. When he returned to his classroom after our summer off with our newborn (2012) I found myself needing something “else” to do when I had a spare moment (I refused to fill it with housework!).


My grandmother was a painter, and I had toyed with the idea of becoming an art teacher during my undergrad. I hadn’t painted in years, but with so many friends having babies, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to break open my dusty craft bin and create some unique and personalized gifts. I love the feeling that I have created something to make a room feel “finished.” Whether it is your living room, kitchen, baby’s nursery or your child’s big-kid room, send me your photos and I will match it up, and fill those walls, helping you turn it from house to home.



I’m currently branching out from canvas to include some small pieces of furniture, incorporating scrapbook paper and fabric, and multi-canvas displays for the home.


1010035_600063176679605_1832004637_n 1013697_600063466679576_1601737109_n

Thank you for supporting local artisans such as myself

*I mail the majority of my work, though am able to meet up within the valley or Lower Sackville on the weekends.


This week, Jessica is giving away a $35 gift certificate to be used towards personalized painting of your choice!  Yahoo!!


This covers the total cost of a child’s initial painting (“C is for Cameron,” above) or can be applied towards a design of your choosing (step stools excluded).  How sweet would one of these look in your child’s room?  (Or Grandchild, or your friend who just had a baby….)

You can see more of Jessica’s work on her Facebook page.

Click on the link below to enter!  Good luck!!

>>>>>a Rafflecopter giveaway<<<<<


A MONTH OF GIVEAWAYS!!! Week 1 – Simply Gorgeous

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  So happy to see you here for week one of our “Month of Giveaways” – yay!!!

I’m super excited to introduce a fabulous business to you today.  Simply Gorgeous is a freshly launched skin care business based in the St. Margaret’s Bay area here in beautiful Nova Scotia.  Emily McDonah is the brains and beauty behind the operation, and I caught up with her recently to talk about what’s been going on in her world.  Hint: it’s about WAY more than selling product!


Read on, and scroll down for a special giveaway at the bottom 🙂


“I launched Simply Gorgeous Bath & Beauty in April and sell all natural, handmade bath and body care products.  Each ingredient in my products is natural and has a purpose; be it cocoa butter for moisture, vitamin e oil for healing, or beeswax for protecting.  You’ll find no fillers, preservatives, or other chemicals on the ingredient list.  I currently offer lotions, lip balms, deodorant, and bath salts and am hoping to offer baby care, cosmetics, and more aromatherapy products in the near future.


Why?  I started making these products for myself and my family after an undetermined culprit had me growing tumors all over at a rate surpassed only by the hair on my legs.  The unknown is scary and immediately had me searching to cut as many environmental factors as I could from my life; and more importantly from the lives of my two little boys.  Before we determined that it was actually a genetic neurological disorder affecting me, we were thoroughly aware of the risks associated with so many of the chemicals we slather on everyday, and immediately committed to steering clear where we could.


I’ve always been passionate about the environment, our place in nature, and “being the change” – so sharing my passion through Simply Gorgeous was a no brainer.  I hope not only to sell my products, but also to help people recognize the importance of being aware, and provide a platform for sharing DIY tips, stories, and ideas.  I also have a personal blog (www.swimminhill.wordpress.com) where I share our life, which includes living off-the-grid, raising two little fellas, and my journey with Schwannomatosis – a rare form of Neurofibromatosis (which I hope to raise awareness for, and am working to set up a registered charity to raise research funds.  You can learn more on the condition at www.ctf.org).


I’m very excited to say, that besides being available locally and on my website (www.simplygorgeousnaturals.ca), Simply Gorgeous products are also available at Coconut Creek Gift Shop in Dartmouth Crossing!



Emily’s products are available through her website at: http://www.simplygorgeousnaturals.ca/

You can also catch up with her on Facebook:   www.facebook.com/simplygorgeousnaturals.ca

And on Twitter: @simply_gorg 



Emily has generously donated a beautiful aromatherapy locket to give away to one lucky reader.  Aren’t they beautiful?  With a retail value of $18, I think these would make fabulous gifts (hello, Christmas presents this year?!)

Emily Locket1Emily Locket2

These lockets are brand new to the Simply Gorgeous line, and are not even for sale yet (hitting shelves next week!)  The scent is “Listea Cubeba,” an Asian flower with a spicy citrus scent.  This scent is said to be great for creating a feeling of calm, strength and is uplifting.  Not a bad thing to hang around your neck!

Click on the link below to enter the contest.

>>>>>Aromatherapy Locket Giveaway<<<<<

The winner will be announced on FRIDAY!  Good luck 🙂

UPDATE!  We have a winner!  Nicolle Barteaux is the lucky lady and has been contacted 🙂

Getting Ready…

So, what’s new with you?

It’s been awhile, right?  Well, when we’re not outside enjoying all this beautiful sunshine, we’re preparing for what is shaping up to be a super busy summer (but what else is new?!).

School is almost over – only a couple of days left, yikes!!  Where did that year go?  When summer rolls around, we tend to do what a lot of suburban-ites do.  We hit the road.  We pack up that sexy minivan sitting in the driveway and we’re outta here baby!  We’re lucky enough to have home bases not only in beautiful Halifax, but also in PEI and Cape Breton.  I may be a little biased, but I don’t think it’s a secret that we get to live in the best little corner of the world.  Am I right?  But really, as long as I get to see these faces every day, I don’t care where we are 🙂

IMG_0069edit IMG_0115edit

We’ve also been busy getting this little bloggy ready for summer, a.k.a. Giveaway Season!!!!  Are you as excited as I am?

Look for our first giveaway on MONDAY!

We’re doing happy dances around here 🙂


Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine!!


Summer is HERE! Get Ready for Some GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

I finally get to spill the beans!  The TestosterZone is SO excited to be hosting a WHOLE MONTH OF GIVEAWAYS!!

I’ll give you a second to stop cheering…!!!!

Alright then, let’s get into the details.  Check this out!


Each Monday during the month of July, we will be introducing our featured business.  Each business will be giving away one or more of their AMAZING products to a very lucky reader.  Draws will take place every Friday, with the winner being announced right here on the blog.  Super exciting, right?

These awesome businesses and artists are all local to our beautiful province (Nova Scotia) and are all hard-working, lovely ladies who create gorgeous products.  I am absolutely thrilled to have them here this summer to share their products with us.

Are you excited yet?  First contest starts July 1st with Simply Gorgeous, so make sure to bookmark this page so you can find us easily!

Happy Friday!

PS. If you are a business owner with a product you’d like to share with our readers, please contact me at info@lyndsaydoyle.ca for more details.  I would love to feature you on the blog!!!