This morning, we hit a major milestone.  The recycling truck stopped at the end of our driveway, and Griffin DID NOT get up to look out the window.  This is the first time since he started walking that he did NOT run to the window at 7:30 on Monday morning to watch that truck.  <sniff>.  Major.

Our boy is growing up.  He’s in preschool now.  And he reminds us that he’s getting bigger every day.  He goes to bed when he’s supposed to, dresses himself in the mornings and packs his own backpack.  He uses words like “certainly,” and “seriously.”  I love it, and I hate it at the same time!  Four is an awesome age and if time froze right now and he had to stay four forever, I would be quite happy.

We’re still into crafts these days.  I love sitting at the table with him and listening to his stories.  He has some good ones too.  Like the other day when he told me he was “an expert in underwater animals and mermaids.”  Good one.  He’s got a great imagination and I encourage it.  And with Christmas coming, I can only imagine the things we will create!  I’ll have to start saving my money for a trip in to Michaels 🙂

And speaking of saving money, our boy has been working hard to save his for a special Lego set that has been on his radar for months.  He’s doing extra work around the house and saving every little bit of money in his piggy bank.  We spent some time last night rolling pennies (the dark ones), nickels (beaver moneys) and dimes (diamonds).  He’s working hard for it; he wants this one bad!  PS. He is available for small cleaning jobs, folding towels, squeegy-ing showers and dust-busting.

Well, that’s an update on Big Brother.  He’s busy and happy and lovey.  Here’s a pic of him and his BFF (we’re working on the cheesy smile thing):


Griffin-ism #374

“Griffin, SLOW DOWN!”

“I can’t help it, I’m fast and I’m fabulous!”

"Griffin, go stand by your painting so I can take your picture... do your good smile." "OK Mommy!"