What I Liked This Week

This week, I liked baking cookies with Griff after school.  Whipped shortbreads to be exact.  I’m not much of a baker, but even I couldn’t mess these ones up – super easy.

But they’re not real cookies until you slap some icing on them…

The verdict from my biggest critic?


But wait, a meal of cookies is not complete without a cold glass of milk.  And no cold glass of milk is complete without a big shot of chocolate syrup.

We hereby declare Thursday afternoon cookie-making day a success.  Probably won’t happen again until Christmas, when NOT having cookies in the house should be a crime.

Now, can someone get this kid his own cooking show??

This week I liked opening up photos from Gill’s maternity session and realizing that she might be the cutest little pregnant lady ever.

And I know that Mr. Jake is going to be the best big brother ever.  I mean, the writing is on the wall!

Gill is an awesome photographer and blogger.  You can see Gill’s photography work here and here, and you can check out her blog here and here.  Go on over and say hi.  Pretty soon, there will be new pics of a new, squishy baby, and I can’t wait!  How soon?

I hope you like your pics, Gill.  I’m SO excited for you guys!  For what it’s worth, I’m predicting there’s another litle boy in there 🙂

This week, I liked realizing that the TestosterZone is ONE YEAR OLD!  And I think it calls for a celebration.  It’s going to take me a few days to put together a special post, but I have a little prize I’m putting together for one lucky reader {jumpy claps!}

Think you might want to win something cool?  I’m not telling you all the details yet, but I will say that in order to qualify, you will have to be a fan of the Testosterzone on Facebook as well as an email follower (home page, top right corner).  And yes, I can totally check 🙂  What are you waiting for?

In the meantime, here are a couple of posts from the archives.  A lot has changed in a year, hasn’t it?  Time sure flies when you’re trying to survive having fun!

So Proud (My boy can write his name – kinda)
What’s New With Curly? (RIP curls – sniff sniff…)
Thursday Afternoons (Ahhh…eating your first leaf)

See you soon!


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